Control the starvation

The Starving

The Starving
Hey, everyone! I wanted to begin a new show on here which I will hopefully last to do.

The idea behind this was a tiny series where I'd only sit down and talk with you guys (although we sip on our green tea, obviously.)

Allow me to know what you guys think about the, and when I must keep it or not!

Literally following Saturday. I am very nervous because I need to be about 105 afterward but idk when I could do that.

My strategy would be to quickly until lunch, have a rice cake, then eat oatmeal if my parents are about. Otherwise, I will not eat.

Then I will water (and tea) quickly both days prior to prom! I am hoping that will do the job.

I have been very into Poshmark recently. I moved outside sourcing Saturday and picked up some cool bits! Additionally, I moved to Plato's and discovered a brandy tank along with also a pair of Levi's shorts.

It is such a cute outfit and it is great motivation for me to eliminate weight!

Now was a laid back afternoon, but it does not mean that I was not busy.

I edited and took hundreds of images for my Poshmark, then recorded and drafted around half, which required quite some time.

I then cross posted, so I recorded them on a whole lot of different websites (I am on Mercari, Vinted, and Depop). It took me essentially all day.

If you would prefer the accounts that I sell on, don't hesitate to message me through or Kik me in catyspacen.

I simply don't wish to link those balances because those have a great deal of my identity and I am trying to remain somewhat anonymous.

Tomorrow I've tutoring to go to since I actually suck in math. In addition, I have a chem test that I am a bit nervous because I am really hoping to pull up my grade in that course. I've the SAT Tuesday so I am hoping that goes well.

That is all that I have for you guys right now! Allow me to know if I need to keep on doing these!

Hi, lovelies I understand I mentioned in my intro we do not view ana as a spiritual figure , and we do not.

However, I prefer to mimic a great deal of things from biblical Truth, etc, since I believe they cling to us quite nicely. ​pro ana tips and tricks for beginners​​​

The majority of these kind of things that I will post come in the neighborhood, but I have not seen one such as that, so as much as I know, this is my very own.

Ps; at the Christian faith, gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins!

  1. Binging
  2. Laziness
  3. Excuses (for eating or not exercising )
  4. Pride (you Aren't skinny yet)
  5. Uncontrolled (controller is KEY)
  6. Messiness (ana did not increase a slob)
  7. Ignorance (understand what you consume,, if You Need to consume all)
  8. That is all! I know that it's short but I love things like this.